Catchup 2023

So - some things happened since my last post:


My daughter was diagnosed with diabetes melitus type 1. Shit happens. Currently we - on the one hand - try to switch our whole lifes. Being aware of the dangers of hypos and hypers. But on the other hand, we try to have as much normality as possible. Not always easy…

Generally, having a child with a chronical issue is no fun.

New job

I switched my role at my job - before, I was responsible for online shops, now I am responsible for customer data. I have to learn a lot of new things. I like it.

I have to deal with rather old and unpopular technologies (SAP on premise, ABAP) and also the new fancy stuff, like running huge databases or rather object stores in the cloud, cloud-functions, linkage in between cloud-systems, etc…

Date: 2023-01-21 Sat 00:00

Author: Otto Diesenbacher-Reinm├╝ller