robots.txt in the gemini-world

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Looking into my gemini capsule log revealed, that - probably - the geminispace.info bot looked for a file robots.txt as it crawled my capsule. Oh, well known robots.txt in the Miasma-world of the big Internet :), I was not aware, that also gemini-bots expect such a file.

A quick search found: robots.txt for Gemini.

following my currently completey useless robots.txt, as I want the bot to visit anything, actually the "Allow:" isn't even defined, but shouldn't hurt:

# robots.txt for my capsule

Allow: *

# ;)

But for the future, as I plan some CGI-like features and "gemini-app", this makes absolutely sense, to prevent the bot to access sensible links.

Quite interesting remark in the link above about robots.txt: there are - for sure - no user-agent properties in a gemini request.

Date: 2022-10-05 Wed 00:00

Author: Otto Diesenbacher-Reinm├╝ller