Size of partitions of my OpenBSD laptop

Having again installed OpenBSD on my laptop (it just works), as a reminder my layout of partitions.

This laptop (Thinkpad T430-U) has a 120GB SSD.

mountpoint   recommendation from disklabel what I chose in GB
root(/) 5% of disk. 150M – 1G 2
swap 10% of disk. 80M – 2x max physical memory 8
/tmp 8% of disk. 120M – 4G 5
/var 13% of disk. 80M – 4G + 2x size of crash dump 10
/usr 10% of disk. 1500M – 30G 20
/usr/X11R6 3% of disk. 384M – 1G 0
/usr/local 15% of disk. 1G – 20G 25
/usr/src 2% of disk. 1500M – 3G 0
/usr/obj 4% of disk. 5G – 6G 0
/home 30% of disk. 1G – 300G 45
/home/myuser/local     5
Sum     120

Why a special partition for /home/myuser/local? I am used to install self-compiled stuff under my home directory, f.e. current emacs. I don't want to pollute my /usr/local directory. Giving it its own partition below /home gives the possibility to mount it wxallowed.

Disclaimer: I chose to have no seperate partitions for X11R6, src and obj. I just wanted to have one usr partition (except local, because of wxallowed) to be more flexible. Whether this fits your needs, you'll have to evaluate. I won't compile any ports or the kernel at this machine, so I think there is no need for src and obj.

Btw - the logic of auto-partition is explained at disklabel.

Date: 2022-11-02 Wed 00:00

Author: Otto Diesenbacher-Reinmüller